The Tomorrow Children Gets New Update That Allows Free-Play Invites

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Players of The Tomorrow Children can expect some new features delivered alongside the Patch 1.04. This is in response to the bugs sighted that prevented players from truly enjoying the game.

The new patch has made some new adjustments, starting with fixing the acquisition of Comrade Summons. There will also be some new islands added to the game. The new features added were listed over the Japanese PlayStation Blog (as translated by DualShockers).

The new update has also enabled players to earn more official coupons, which can then be exchanged for Comrade Summons. These will be used to invite up to five other players to play The Tomorrow Children for free. To avail of the feature, a player will only need to copy the voucher code and send to their friends.


The Tomorrow Children will also see some more tools and costumes added to the shops. The new tools include Liquid Chalk, Stretchgun, Skis, and three kinds of Paint Can. In the Apparel Shop, there's a new Dandelion striped dress and a Harlequin Smile dress that mimics the jester-style costume.

Note that these costumes can only be obtained if you have already been rewarded with the Bourgeoisie papers.

As for the adjustments, there are some changes made to the amount of points earned for town restoration, labor done on the island, amount of resources gathered, and the attacks for Izvergs. Sony has announced that there will be more adjustments in the future.

Finally, the effect of Snub was adjusted for Rezidentry, which resulted in shortened time needed for a player to be released from Cages.

The developer has also hinted that it is planning to fix an issue with the EagleCorp Disassembler. Currently, fans are experiencing the issue of sharp population decreases linked to the disassembly of Apartment Buildings. The developer is currently looking at the issue, but the fix will not be included in the latest update. What it will do is stop the sales of EagleCorp Disassembler temporarily.

The Tomorrow Children was released earlier this month on Sept. 6 on the PS4.

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