The Ring vs. The Grudge Japanese Trailer Will Give You The Chills

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Two of the most popular Japanese horror franchises come together in the upcoming film The Ring vs. The Grudge (Sadako vs. Kayako), and Japanese production company Kadokawa just released the first trailer for it. The scary ghost children that we've known from The Ring and The Grudge will face off for the first time, but why? How do they connect? The trailer doesn't really provide any answers but I'm excited to see how these two franchises will be mashed up in the movie. Watch the trailer below: 



Just in case you need a summary of their backgrounds: Kayako from Ju-On/The Grudge was murdered as a child and is a vengeful spirit that crawls around ceilings and haunts people in the house it resides. Sadako from The Ring was murdered and thrown down a well, and a cursed videotape holds her dark secrets. 

The Ring vs. The Grudge film was actually inspired by a fan-made mashup trailer that was released online last year. And because the studio thought it was a great idea, they decided to make an official one. 

The Ring vs. The Grudge is being directed by Kōji Shiraishi, and it stars Mizuki Yamamoto (Ghost Hunt) in the lead role as YÅ«ri. It will be released in Japan next June.