The Punisher’s Jon Bernthal Says Kevin Spacey Was A Bully On Baby Driver Set

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It seems like Hollywood can add bullying to Academy Award-winning actor Kevin Spacey's growing list of sins.

The American Beauty has been recently accused of sexual assault and harassment by a number of men inside and outside the Hollywood industry and now a new report says that was also a bully on the set of Baby Driver.


Speaking with Jim Norton and Sam Roberts on SiriusXM, The Punisher star Jon Bernthal admitted that he wasn't that surprised about all of the sexual harassment allegations made against his Baby Driver co-star – not only did Spacey Rub him in the wrong way, but he was a bully towards some of the other people on the set of Edgar Wright's latest film.

"Going on to that set and working with him, I wasn't there much, but when I was there, he really rubbed me the wrong way. I thought he was a bit of a bully," Bernthal opened up. "I didn't really care for the way he was behaving toward some of the other people on set."

According to the aactor, he had noticed that Spacey was really aggressive towards other men on set of Baby Driver's production.

"I remember at the time thinking, ‘Man, if that was a woman that he was talking to, I would've done something, I would've said something,'" the Marvel star said. "I was really happy to sort of get out of there for that reason, and I just remember losing a ton of respect for him."

"I think it would be weak of me to sort of pile on about some shit that I don't know about, but the kind of man he was when I saw him, working with him, made me lose all respect for him and I was enormously disappointed," Bernthal ended.

Guess it's getting harder and harder to look up to Spacey now that all these sexual harassment and bullying stories have come out.

The Punisher hits Netflix next week, November 17.

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