The Punisher: Karen Page Wasn't Originally Planned To Appear

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The Punisher is one of the more interesting Marvel shows coming to Netflix since it is both a standalone series and a followup to the second season of Daredevil. Karen Page is the bridge connecting both shows because she was able to connect with Frank Castle in Daredevil and even form a friendship with the vigilante. It turns out that Deborah Ann Woll's character wasn't originally part of the series, but was later added by showrunner Steve Lightfoot.

According to Mashable, Lightfoot wanted to add Page to the series after he saw the chemistry between her and Frank Castle. "I asked to have her, because she and Frank [Castle] are so great," he said, later adding "Frank is a closed-off military guy, and this is a woman he treats like an equal more than anyone else."In Daredevil, Karen became allies with Frank and even urged Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson to represent Castle in court. Of course, Karen doesn't support what Frank is doing, as seen from the most recent trailer of the series.

It will be interesting to see how Karen is faring since the series will be set sometime after The Defenders. Daredevil was seemingly killed during a battle with Elektra, so Karen cannot be in a good place after that incident. Matt Murdock was revealed to be alive in the end, but nobody knows he's alive.

The Punisher will come to Netflix next month, on November 17.

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