The Problem With Magic: The Gathering's New Frontier Format Explained

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Image credit: Wizards of the Coast

There's a new Magic: The Gathering constructed format, and a lot of players have been talking about it recently. It's called Frontier (not to be confused with the less popular Frontier Magic), and it's popularized by the card store Hareruya games in Japan. The format allows sets from Magic 2015 onward, and it's non-rotating. While some players think that Frontier solves the Modern format's problem, others are criticizing it for its unbalanced mana base. The Professor of The Tolarian Community College Youtube channel presents his critique of the new format in the 8-minute video. He points out that the lack of "hate cards" in Frontier that Modern has such as Blood Moon and Ensnaring Bridge allows four-colored or five-colored decks like Jeskai Black and Rally decks to dominate the format without leaving room for other types of decks to exist. 

Watch the video:

I agree with the Professor about how unbalanced Frontier is. Of course, since Frontier is still untested, there's a lot of potential to improve the format. How do you think it can be improved? Do you agree or disagree with the Professor? Have you tried playing it? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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