The Philosophy of Darth Vader Explained in This Video

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The insightful minds at Wisecrack have released a new video discussing the philosophy of Darth Vader, which argues that Vader is driven by his fear of death. The video quotes several lines from Jewish-American anthropologist/writer Ernest Becker, pointing out that "killing other people gives us the illusion that we can control death." It also discusses Yoda's views, which came straight out of Buddhism. The video highlights the scene when Yoda tells Anakin to "let go of everything you're afraid to lose." But Anakin chose the Sith way: to embrace one's desires. It gives us a deeper perpective of why Anakin became Darth Vader. The video concludes that accepting the reality of death is the way of the Light side, while denying it is the way of the Dark Side. Another interesting quote from Becker's The Denial of Death

"the person seeks to avoid death, but he does it by killing off so much of himself and so large a spectrum of his action-world that he is actually isolating and diminishing himself and becoming as though dead."

Watch the video below: