The Other “Red Woman” Who Could Resurrect Jon Snow in Game of Thrones Season 6

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Have you seen the new Game of Thrones trailer? It's a bit too dark, so the good people at The Verge decided to up the ISO so fans could actually see what's really going on in there.

At first glance, you'd notice the highlights. Arya is given a second life, Ser Davos recognizes the "real war" between the living and the dead and Cersei empowering his son so the Lannisters could reclaim their power. There's also a few scenes of Tyrion trying to come close to one of Dany's dragons.

However, there's two, really quick scenes of a woman who could play a very important role in the highly anticipated season, a character that every Jon Snow fan could have been waiting for.


Take a look at the fixed trailer uploaded on YouTube below:

Did you notice the woman wearing a red dress talking to Tyrion at the 0:54 mark?


Well, according to Melty, the woman could be "The Red Woman" HBO is referring to in the first episode's title, and she may be the one to resurrect Jon Snow.

The former Lord Commander of the Night's Watch looked deader than dead when episode 5 ended. Kit Harrington himself even said that Jon isn't in season 6, but what if that's because the resurrected Snow will be a different version of Ned Stark's bastard son, so that it's a new person actually rising from the dead? Perhaps it also means that he'll realize that he's a Targaryen after all, like previous Game of Thrones theories have posited.

The woman in red in the final Game of Thrones trailer makes it seem as if there is more than one high priestess of R'hllor, The Lord of Light. The woman Tyrion was talking to at the Great Pyramid of Meereen looks to be suggesting to Tyrion that she could replace Daenerys.

In addition, Melisandre doesn't seem to be too confident with her faith in the Lord of Light now that Stannis Baratheon died even after she sacrificed his own daughter for victory.

The site also notes how Melanie Liburd getting cast as another Red Priestess for the Lord of Light could mean that the R'hllor faith will likely play a key role in season 6. This would then mean that "The Red Priestess" title reveal was simply a red herring to keep fans distracted from the real story.

Considering how Game of Thrones' showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss hate spoilers so much, they could have planned this from the beginning to keep the real plot from being revealed.

Certainly seems plausible.


What do you think?

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