The Omega Men will Appear in SyFy's Krypton

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SyFy's upcoming Krypton show is one of the odder comic book adaptations coming out this year. The show won't just focus on the early days of Krypton but also on the time travel hijinx of Adam Strange. With time travel being a big theme of the show, fans have been promised with guest appearances from various DC characters, including the Omega Men.

The Omega Men have been around for some time but fans were made aware of them during Tom King's acclaimed series. Lasting only 12 issues, the series was a masterstroke in comic art, with commentary on religion, politics, and so much more. It also built up the cosmic lore of the DC universe and even showed how Krypton blowing up impacted other alien planets.


On SyFy Wire, Goyer confirmed that the Omega Men would be appearing since Adam Strange will be exploring other planets aside from Krypton. Having this much variety in a DC show is pretty ambitious and fans can only hope that it pays off in the end. A new iteration of Doomsday has also been confirmed, so it will be interesting to see how that pans out.

Despite all of these characters, Goyer says new fans who are only familiar with Superman won't get lost. They are being given a ton of freedom for the show, which is always nice to see.

Krypton will premiere on March 21.

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