03 Aug 2017 12:22 PM +00:00 UTC

The MCU’s Sharon Carter Was Supposed To Appear In Agents Of SHIELD

Marvel Studios might not let any of the Avengers pop up in Marvel TV's Agents of Shield, but it doesn't mean the series didn't try to get a few familiar faces from the Marvel Cinematic Universe to make a couple of cameos.

Speaking with Deadline to talk about her career, Marvel star Emily VanCamp not only opened up about her time with the MCU, but also about an opportunity to appear as a star on Agents of SHIELD.

"I think it was discussed, but I was working on Revenge at the time," VanCamp told the publication.


The actress debuted as Sharon Carter in Captain America: Civil War and while some fans would have wanted Chris Evan's Captain America himself to appear in the series, it makes perfect sense that Joss Whedon and his team would want the great niece of S.H.I.E.L.D. founder Peggy Carter to star on the show. It's such a shame the appearance didn't push through.

Atleast Agents of SHIELD was able to reel in the great Samuel L. Jackson for an appearance during the end of the series' first season on ABC. Who better to bring in for a few cameos than the eye-patch wearing SHIELD director himself.

Agents of Shield finished its fourth season on ABC back in May and the series has been renewed for a fifth season next year.

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