The Leia-Focused Star Wars Novel Will Show The Origins of The First Order and Resistance

Claudia Grey's new Leia-starring novel Star Wars: Bloodlines would reveal some important backstory about Leia's soured relationship with the Republic in The Force Awakens. And now, we learned that it will also unravel a different mystery: How did the First Order and Resistance came to be? made a post detailing the eight aspects of the novel fans should be excited for. Not only was it revealed that Gray got some info from Episode VIII director Rian Johnson for some of the book's story elements, but Bloodlines will also explore how two battling factions from The Force Awakens were formed.

It seems like Bloodlines will delve deep into why Leia left the Republic she fought so hard to restore. We already had hints of how the First Order and Resistance emerged from the ashes of the Rebellion and Empire across tie-in books that were released in the wake of The Force Awakens, but this novel will probably show us more details about their origins.

Bloodlines will be available on May 3. Check out the posters for Bloodlines here.

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