The Lego Movie 2 To Start Production This Fall

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Phil Lord and Chris Miller delivered one huge hit with the release of The Lego Movie, and the sequel is set to come out sometime in 2019. A new director is taking over the helm with Micke Mitchell, and news has it that the movie will be starting production later this year.

My Entertainment World has added a new listing that states that The Lego Movie Sequel will be starting production in British Columbia on Oct. 2. Hopefully with the start of voice work, we'll be getting some confirmations on returning and new characters as well as the actors who will be providing the voices.


So far, Warner Bros has been successful in building their Lego cinematic universe with the successful follow-up, The Lego Batman Movie. Later this month will see the release of Lego Ninjago, and though I have no idea about the toys, the trailers for the film have been nothing but hilarious.

We still have no idea where the sequel's story will go, but we do know that the film will be based on a screenplay from original directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller; we also know that BoJack Horseman creator Raphael Bob-Waksberg is doing the rewrite for the film.

The Lego Movie Sequel is set to come out on Feb. 8, 2019, but you can catch The Lego Ninjago Movie this coming Sept. 22.

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