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The Least Funny MCU Film According to Total Number and Frequency of Jokes

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is now well-known for its humor and light-hearted tone that it has mastered over the years, and a dedicated fan has painstakingly put together a convenient infographic that shows how every film fares based on the number of the jokes and the frequency they occur in.

The chart, created by ThatsMrPlow, shows that The Incredible Hulk had very little comedy in it. The first and only Bruce Banner film in the MCU only made 25 attempts at humor.

As one of the first MCU films to come out (it was released the same year as Iron Man, which is third lowest), the universe is still finding its footing. It was probably what made the company realize that they needed to let loose a little bit.


Captain America films also rank generally low in the hilarity scale, but even with MCU going full-on comedic by Phase Three, Black Panther held back on the jokes with only 48 of them throughout the film.

During Phase One, Iron Man 2 doubled down on the silliness, but The Avengers is where Marvel Studios fully embraced the fun tone.

You'd think the Guardians of the Galaxy movies will rank higher in the list. And while they are up there, Spiderman: Homecoming is hailed the statistically funniest MCU film.

There were 169 jokes packed in the 123-minute runtime, which means there was a joke every 44 seconds! Is that even a shock though? Peter Parker likes to quip, Tony Stark was there, and the high-tech Spidey suit ended up being powered by a funny AI gal.

Clearly, the Thor films needed to stop taking itself seriously to take off. When it decided to double the jokes, Thor: Ragnarok, with 137 jokes in a span of two hours, instantly became the best film centered on the God of Thunder.

The Avengers movies seem to have the most number of jokes among the trilogies. The 2012 blockbuster hit The Avengers boasts the most quantifiable hilarity levels in the series with a joke every 49 seconds from start to finish.

Ranking first in amount and frequency in Phase One, this film clearly influenced the tone and feel of the movies in the second phase down to the current one.


While the latest one, Avengers: Endgame made sure to crack some jokes every minute, the chart shows it slowly toned down the funny by the end. Not that anyone would be shocked, half of all life died during that time!

Check out the complete chart below:

MCU Joke Count Infographic (2019 Update)

How will Captain Marvel and Avengers: Endgame fare in this category? Fans will learn when the films hit the theaters on March 8 and April 24, respectively.

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