The Last of Us Star Jeffrey Pierce Explains Kathleen and Perry's Complicated Relationship

We finally got to see Jeffrey Pierce in HBO's The Last of Us series as he made his debut in Episode 4. The voice actor, who originally played Tommy in the Naughty Dog video game, was introduced in the show as Perry, an important member of the revolutionary movement led by Melanie Lynskey's Kathleen. Now, Pierce is sharing some interesting details about Perry's relationship with the mysterious Kathleen.

In The Last of Us Episode 4, Joel and Ellie took a shortcut through Kansas City and were attacked by some bandits. Although the two managed to kill the guys, it is later revealed that the men were part of the movement led by Kathleen who believes the men were killed by someone named Henry. She orders a manhunt that forces Joel and Ellie to hide in a high-rise where they encounter Henry and his brother Sam.

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The episode made it clear that Kathleen was a reluctant leader and her right-hand Perry is a capable yet somehow reluctant follower. Jeffrey Pierce confirms with Vulture that we will learn more about Perry and how he affects the story.

"There’s a lot that remains to be revealed in terms of who he is. I think that he meshes a lot with the themes that exist in the show, as seen in the relationship between Joel and Ellie, the relationship between Bill and Frank, and the idea of having found your purpose within this new world," Pierce said. He then confirmed what most fans already suspected about Perry.

"One of the things that was described in Craig [Mazin]’s script was that maybe he was in the military, so I just kind of ran with that: This guy was a professional before the outbreak, and then was able to use those skills as he sort of wandered, and then found his purpose with Kathleen and the fight against FEDRA," Pierce said.

Interestingly, he also pointed out that Perry cares about Kathleen more than we have seen in the episode so far.

"I think that he’s the one person who’s in any position to question her because he’s an expert at what he does. But that loyalty is also covered by his love and affection for her. We can make some bad decisions when love is involved, and I think that’s one of the themes of The Last of Us," Pierce said.

The Last of Us Episode 4 is now streaming on HBO Max.

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