The Last of Us Part 2 Has Wrapped Up its Last Scene

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Every PS4 owner and their grandmother are excited for The Last of Us Part II. Many consider the first game to be one of the finest from developer Naughty Dog, thanks to an amazingly heartfelt story and rock-solid gameplay that added to the atmosphere of fear and depression, with occasional sprinkles of hope. While the sequel doesn't have a release date yet, it looks like it could be coming soon since the company just wrapped up motion capture work for the game.


On Twitter creative director Neil Druckmann shared a post of Ashley Johnston and Troy Baker, who portray Ellie and Joel respectively, finishing their motion capture work for the game. Both of them look very emotional after shooting the scene, implying that we're in for some more heartbreak and gut-wrenching storytelling.

We've seen glimpses of gameplay for The Last of Us Part II and it looks very similar to the first game but with much better graphics and animation. Only time will tell how accurate that gameplay was and if it will look this good when released but we can hope. Nobody wants this game to be bad so here is hoping we get what we want.

The Last of Us Part II has no set release date. Fans can pick up The Last of Us on PS4 and PS3.


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