The Last Jedi: Rian Johnson Discusses The Film's Final Scene

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While Star Wars: The Last Jedi has been a divisive film, the ending was something most people enjoyed. Some would argue that it's because it meant the film was over but others appreciate how it goes back to the idea that you don't need a special family to have the Force. Talking with Empire, Rian Johnson has discussed why the ending of the film was chosen.

Johnson felt that the final scene with the Force-wielding stable boy was important to end on since it shows that Luke's decision in the finale impacted the whole universe, not just our main characters. Interestingly enough, Johnson almost considered leaving this scene in the cutting room floor and considered ending the film on the Millenium Falcon with the main characters.

"That was something I really stuck to, and believe me, we went back and forth in the editing room. In the script, when I wrote that scene in the Falcon, I wrote the words, 'this seems like the perfect image to end on.' To me, it was really important to have that final scene, because it turns what Luke did from an act that saves 20 people into an act that inspires the galaxy. The notion that what we're setting up here is something big in the next chapter. And when Leia says, 'we have everything we need,' she's talking about everyone on the Falcon, but also about what we see next, which is we now have a galaxy that has seen this beacon of hope and is getting inspired to fight the good fight."

Some fans might have preferred the Millenium Falcon ending but this was the right call. It not only showed the importance of hope in the universe but focusing on the kid with force powers makes Luke's final words to Kylo-Ren much more powerful. He really isn't the last Jedi.


Star Wars: The Last Jedi has probably ended its theatrical run but we can expect details on the Blu-Ray soon enough. Johnson had teased a number of deleted scenes that will be in the film's home release, though he stated that the theatrical cut was still the best version of the movie.

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