The Last Jedi Novel Promises Expanded Scenes and New Content That Might Change Haters’ Minds

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi might enjoying commercial and critical success, however there are some Star Wars fans who feel nothing but outrage and contentempt towards the sequel trilogy installment.

There have been so many complaints coming in left and right – it seems like fans aren't very fond of the changes The Last Jedi made to Star Wars lore and its decision to disregard and subvert fan expectations.

Now, as The Force Awakens sequel continues its run, Lucasfilm tries to mend things with the Star Wars detractors with The Last Jedi's upcoming novelization. Written by Jason Fry, the book is being treated as an "Expanded Edition" of the film, promising a story that not only includes deleted scenes, but expanded scenes as well.


According to publisher Del Ray, the novelization of The Last Jedi will hold a style that they've never published before. One of the publisher's Associate Editors recently went on the Jedi Council Forums on to explain the unique qualities of the book, saying that the novelization of The Last Jedi will definitely go deeper into the film.

"It's not just about deleted scenes that you'll see on the Blu Ray. Expanded scenes, alternate scenes, and even brand new stuff you ain't ever seen before. With direct input by the filmmaker."

Though it's likely that the book won't exactly change the events of The Last Jedi to please the angry fan boys of the Star Wars community, the expanded scenes and brand new content might be able to help fans understand more about what director Rian Johnson was trying to do with the film.

Books are a lot different from movies. Authors can dive deep into the mind of a character to help readers better understand the character's personality and method of thinking. They can also flesh out the history of a events or scenes in ways that can't be done on film. Hopefully the novel form of The Last Jedi will be able to help fans understand The Last Jedi better.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is currently screening in cinemas.

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