The Last Jedi: Is [SPOILERS] Overpowered?

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Spoilers For Star Wars: The Last Jedi

If the recent Star Wars films have proven anything, it's that overpowered characters are usually in the Jedi or the Sith. Some fans took umbrage with Rey's usage of The Force in Episode VII, though anyone who's seen The Last Jedi knows that she still has a long way to go. However, one character who was given a push in terms of power wasn't a Jedi master or a Sith Lord but a droid.


That droid is BB-8. Let's talk about it.

When BB-8 was first introduced, many thought the droid was adorable and quickly became a favorite with fans. From giving Finn a "thumbs up," to his interactions with R2-D2 and Poe, many fell in love with BB-8.

Back in The Force Awakens, no one really thought about how useful BB-8 was. While the droid was able to survive a number of situations with its various tools, no one really thought it was as useful as R2-D2 or any of the other useful robots in the now non-canon extended universe.

And then The Last Jedi happened.

At first, BB-8 was able to fix Poe's damaged shooters. This was fine and somewhat comical. However, we then see the droid store a billion coins in its body and knock out a ton of guards by itself. It was pretty ridiculous and is one of the many reasons hardcore Star Wars fans hate this sequence in the film.

However, we get a taste of BB-8's true power when it possesses an imperial walker and unleashes hell on the Stormtroopers. Admittedly, it did happen after the insane lightspeed sequence in the film but it still makes one wonder how the Resistance doesn't make more of these and use them in battle.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is showing in theaters now.

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