22 Mar 2017 1:15 PM +00:00 UTC

The Flash/Supergirl Crossover’s Music Meister is Actually a [Spoiler]

The much-awaited The Flash/Supergirl crossover musical has finally aired, but we may see some consequences from the crossover dream sequence even play out even when regular programming resumes. Surprisingly though, it doesn't affect them in a bad way, and it's all thanks to Music Meister.

The guy responsible for the riot is actually the same one who tied the loose ends in the end. Barry's and Kara's relationship issues were far from easy to handle in their respective series. Barry had a wrong proposal moment that ended in a breakup, while Kara was dealing with the lie Mon-El told her.

Thanks to the dream world of the music mind-controller, Barry realized his mistake of letting go just because of a bad misunderstanding. For Kara, she finally saw that maybe Mon-El was thinking of the relationship in his own way. At the peak of the episode, where both heroes saw themselves shot in the crossfire, it was Cisco there to save the day. Of course, they also needed their respective true love's kiss from Iris and Mon-El to bring them back.


In the real world, that's where the Music Meister shows that everything was a ploy to get them to learn about—love. But more interestingly, it's also shows that he was a bit of a good guy, in a way.

If you didn't get it yet, the Music Meister actually played the matchmaker of sorts. More than the consequences of the crossover, however, I'm more interested in knowing which dimension he's from. Is that a clue to the recent announcement that the main villain for the fourth season will be different? Though it's hard to picture MM being a baddie after this.

The Flash airs on The CW Tuesdays, while Supergirl airs Mondays.

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