The Flash’s Killer Frost Gets More Attuned to Her Powers

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Flashpoint is far from done with Caitlin Snow, which is why The Flash will be seeing a few more episodes that will be Caitlin-centric in nature.

Specifically, three episodes, 5, 6, and 7 will be heavy on the exploration and exposition of Caitlin and her growing powers. Revealed to CBR, actress Danielle Panabaker stated that apart from the team—who already has some odd dynamics, given how Caitlin is hiding her powers from them—her relationship with her mom will also be explored.

"Obviously, she is going through some physical changes, but she's figuring that out. You know, as you may remember from Season 1 with Barry, it took him a minute to figure out his powers, like, ‘Oh, I kept passing out because I don't eat enough,' things like that. She's going to have to figure out different ways to cope with these changes."

It's interesting how this dynamic will go. Team Flash has experienced a rocky start with Barry gaining powers indirectly because of him. And throughout their journey as a team, trust has been a bit tricky, with two strikes—now possibly three—of Harrison Wells being not who he says he is.

How Caitlin will finally admit to Team Flash her powers, we'll have to see. The way things are going, it seems that The Flash will also go through some changes in terms of the kind of focus each character gets.

Since we've already had a very good look at the Allen family, the West family, the Ramon family, and a little bit of Wells' family (at least in Earth-2), then perhaps it's also a good time to get Caitlin in the loop.

The Flash airs every Tuesdays on The CW.

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