28 Feb 2017 11:23 AM +00:00 UTC

The Flash Will See Some Major Challenges with Grodd Arc

Gorillas are dominating the latest storyline for The Flash, and with that comes its own set of problems and issues for Team Flash and the rest of Earth One.

The Flash producer Aaron Helbing shared with TV Line some of things that they are planning to bring to The Flash, now that Grodd is about to wreak havoc on Earth One's Central City.

According to Helbing, the team has been building up on delivering on the Grodd promise ever since they had teased the headlines of the future. And now that the gorillas are here, he teased that there will be a "legion" of them on the set. However, they will be following a set rule for themselves.

"I think Grodd could maybe hack a computer, since he's a supergorilla, but the rest of them still fall under the laws of nature and ‘kill or be killed.' And since Grodd right now is telepathic, they'll do whatever he tells them to. But I wouldn't underestimate Grodd. Because of his telepathic abilities, he is able to overtake General McNally, who's in charge of the military. Grodd has a lot of tricks up his sleeve."

Part of the gorilla attack is having Gypsy as a mind-controlled player in the game. But that's not even the biggest risk for Barry and Team Flash. Specifically, Helbing teased that Barry will be highly affected, because Grodd will overtake an important person to Barry.

"That's really going to affect Barry and make him question, ‘Do I allow Grodd to live, or should I just kill him and put an end to it? Maybe that will change the future?'"

Now, that's an interesting question in itself and give a new weighty question in Barry's mind that may seriously give the Scarlet Speedster another direction to go into.

The Flash airs on The CW every Tuesdays.

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