The Flash Teases 2 Villains, 1 Potential Aid Teased

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A lot of The Flash on-set photos have been going around the Internet. And with these come the many suggestions for what and who's to come in the TV series.

Seen in the tweet below, the face-off between the Speedster Goodies and the baddies Savitar and Grodd are already going all out.


While Savitar and Grodd may give our beloved Scarlet Speedster some hell, he might not be alone in the fight. Another tweet features another unknown character who may be The Flash's ally. Speculations, as per Bleeding Cool, have been suggesting that this could be the signal for the arrival of Accelerated Man.

According to the source, H.R. is from Earth-19. And tracing back to the comics, Earth-19 dubbed to be the steampunk Earth, where the likes of Wonder Woman Amazonia and Gotham by Gaslight reside. It is also where Accelerated Man, known for his connection to the Speed Force, is from.

Seen in another tweet is someone who's wearing what could be the costume for Accelerated Man. Thus, there are now suggestions that H.R. be this same hero.


Implications of this run far and wide, first with the fact that H.R. really is a man of many, many layers, apart from being from many different Earths from what we've seen so far. But as suggested, the fact that a steampunk world may be explored, The Flash may just see quite the spectacle for this season.

If all of these play out right, I have to say, this is how you make a game-changer of a season. And yes, I'm looking at you, The Walking Dead.

The Flash airs every Tuesdays, 9 pm, on the CW.


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