The Flash Producers Talk About How Show's Flashpoint Will Differ from the Comics

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The Flash producers Todd and Aaron Hellbing say the show will put its own spin on the "Flashpoint" storyline, Slashfilm reports. The third season premiere will be an adaptation of the DC Comics storyline where Barry Allen accidentally creates a heavily warped timeline and the producers want to make sure they get it right. ""You want to make sure you do right. But it's also, the way we approach all these stories are we know what happened in the comics but we take that event and we sort of run it through the Flash television show filter so we can tell the same story with our spin. It was challenging but it wasn't impossible," Todd explains.

The producers were also very concerned with making the storyline accessible to everyone. "We always approach it like would our mother understand what is going on right now? Because she doesn't read comic books. If we can get her to get it, I feel like we've been successful and I feel like she'll understand it," Todd states.


The Hellbings promise "Flashpoint" will have appearances from surprising characters, though they admit there's characters they would have loved to feature that didn't fit in. ". We work very closely obviously with DC and Geoff Johns and Dan Evans," Todd says, referring to DC Comics executives. In addition to being the Cheif Creative Officer at DC Comics, Johns is a creator who wrote the core "Flashpoint" comic book miniseries. Todd says they asked Johns and Evans "what can we use in this version? Then they tell us and that's what we do."

According to the Hellbings, "Flashpoint" will cause "ripples" in the other DC Universe shows like Supergirl, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow. Dr. Alchemy was revealed to a season 3 Flash villain at Comic-Con and the Hellbings promised there would be another big bad guy, who will be revealed later.

The Hellbings also discussed the upcoming four-way crossover between The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow. They say it will be part of the story of each show. "Storywise, we know what we're doing," Todd explained. "It was quite a juggle. You've got to figure out scheduling issues. Adding another show last year was very difficult, adding another show this year. We basically with Greg worked out that story.

The third season of The Flash will be premiering on Tuesday, October 4th.

Are you excited for the "Flashpoint" storyline? What about the upcoming crossover? I wonder how all the storylines for these shows will merge.

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