The Flash Episode Director Kevin Smith Shares Coming Back on Set

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Kevin Smith has made a name for himself in terms of directing episodes of The Flash. And it seems like for this season, his success in delivering worthwhile episode will only continue.

Speaking to Variety, Smith revealed how it was like to return to the set and how it went in directing his second episode for The CW drama went about.

Smith shared that his return to the set went smoothly, mostly because it felt like the many months that went by in between his first directed episode and this recent one. On the set, even though everything is already in place, Smith shared that what he did bring to the table just like he did for before, was "boundless enthusiasm."

"These gigs to me, I love them to death. I get to exercise any impulse I have to be involved in the caped action and drama—and it keeps me away from those big A-movies which is probably best for everybody."

For Smith, his newest episode brought the director credibility, particularly because it was one of the strong episodes for The Flash's second run. What made the experience even better is the fact that the new episode felt like the appropriate spiritual sequel that Smith's previous project deserved.

"Killer Frost is like a Grisham thriller and a bit of an action movie. The pace that I was going for was Three Days of the Condor. That's lofty, and I never shared that with the cast and crew, but based on the nature of the story, it's about someone who knows something that no one else does and they're trying t get this information before anyone else. It allowed me to tell a story that I would never tell in my own world."

Catch The Flash every Tuesdays on The CW at 8:00 p.m.

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