The First Cyborg Olympics, Cybathlon, is Coming This October

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A team of scientists in Europe are organizing the world's first Cyborg Olympics, officially known as Cybathlon. Hosted in Zurich, Switzerland this October, it aims to help gauge the advancement and performance in the latest developments prosthesis and other devices that could augment human ability beyond what is considered baseline or normal. Event organizer Robert Reiner founded the event after experiencing his own struggles with daily living and using prosthetics. Reiner said that "It's less about force and speed, and more about control of the body and the device".

Cybathlon will have competitions of dexterity for people with advanced arm and hand prosthesis — from cutting bread to opening bottles of jam. Prosthethic legs and advanced wheel chair designs will tackel obstacle courses while paraplegic cycling races will be completed by using electrical stimulation to fire leg muscles to peddle.

[via Futurology]