The Duplass Brothers Were Once Offered A Chance To Direct A Marvel Movie

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Marvel's brought quite a number of directors to work on its various comic book movies over the years. Jon Favreau, Joss Whedon, James Gunn, Joe and Anthony Russo are just some of the filmmakers that have joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Indie favorites Mark and Jay Duplass could have also been part of the fray, well, had the Jeff, Who Lives At Home taken Marvel's offer to direct one of their project.

Speaking in an interview with Vulture, the Duplass brothers inadvertently reveal that they too had once been offered the chance to work on a Marvel Studios film together.

"There was a moment where Marvel was interested in us taking on one of their properties." Mark said. "It would have been a $150 to $180 million budget and about three years of our lives."

However, according to the filmmaking duo, they turned down the chance to work on a tentpole movie because they'd be giving up the chance to build relationships with younger filmmakers.

"It would be impolite to say," explained Jay.

"To be a little Sundance filmmaker tapped by Marvel felt incredible," his brother added. "But the amount of stuff we could make over those three years, the relationships we could forge with younger filmmakers..."

"We'd have to give that all up," Jay said.

Though it would have been incredible for the Duplass brothers to work on a Marvel movie, it's pretty understandable that the two had other priorities during that stage in their lives. Sure it might seem crazy to some for the two to turn down the chance to become part of Marvel's roster of directors, but everyone has their own set of priorities. Guess Jay and Mark had their own.


Marvel's latest release, Avengers: Infinity War, is currently screening in cinemas.

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