The Dragon Prince Season 3 Comes Out This November

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If you've loved Avatar: The Last Airbender, chances are you'll also get into Netflix's The Dragon Prince from ATLA head writer Aaron Ehasz. The good news is, the third season is going to be coming out later this year, and we finally have a release date.

This is the announcement:

We don't know much about the main arc of the third season yet, but it had been revealed back at SDCC 2019 (via Inverse) that the 3rd book will be called Sun. The panel had also revealed a few more things like Season 3 exploring the backstory of Rayla plus the introduction of "Elf Callum" which is a reversal of the "Human Rayla" gag from previous seasons.

I have to hand it to Dragon Prince, the world that Ehasz and his team have built is very impressive, and it has a lot of potentials to be the next Avatar series. Besides that, the humor is also pretty fun, and the characters are pretty well defined.


I guess the only snag it has is the animation style, which kind of pales in comparison to the likes of ATLA. By the third episode though, you'll find yourself hooked to the characters and the world. I'm hoping Netflix makes future seasons have more episodes as the 9-episode format is kind of leaving fans wanting more every season.

Catch The Dragon Prince Season 3 when it comes out on Netflix Nov. 22.

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