The Crow Reboot With Jason Momoa Starts Production Soon

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It looks like the upcoming reboot of The Crow with Jason Momoa is finally beginning production soon. The reboot had been in development hell for a long time, switching stars, directors, and even movie studios. After a long time, it looks like the Sony-developed reboot will be made, with Momoa's posts on Instagram being proof of this.

Momoa shared two photos on his Instagram about the film, with the caption saying "I've been waiting for sooooo long." The first photo is of a fan-made poster created by an artist named LostMind, while the succeeding one has director Corin Hardy, who will be helming the film. With Momoa's Justice League making headlines and his Aquaman film coming next year, it looks like the actor has an eventful career ahead of him.

Prior to the Instagram posts, The Crow co-creator had stated that the movie would start filming in February 2018. Since Momoa has to promote Justice League throughout the film's release, this could end up being true. While the reboot doesn't have a release date yet, it is good seeing the film get started for once.

Justice League comes to theaters this week, on November 17. Aquaman will come to cinemas next year on December 21, 2018.

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