The Creator of X-23 Never Wanted Laura To Replace Wolverine

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After Logan's death in the comics, Marvel decided to have X-23 take his place as the New Wolverine, taking up the name and costume of the iconic character in All-New Wolverine.

Though having Laura succeed her father in the comics has worked well for Marvel Comics, the original creator of X-23, Craig Kyle reveals that he had never really wanted the female clone to replace Wolverine.


In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Kyle explains why he didn't really envision Laura succeeding Logan.

"I was happy when after the "Death of Wolverine" she was going to step into the role. That said, I never wanted her to put on Wolverine's costume and take his name, because she's not Wolverine. Wolverine is Wolverine and no one will ever be him. He is this extraordinary, beautiful, perfect thing. I don't want to take away from him and I don't want to strip her of her individuality. I love that she's taken that role. I just wish she could do it in her own costume, that's all."

Though fans definitely enjoy the idea of having X-23 putting on the costume of Wolvie (making the All-New Wolverine one of the top-selling series of Marvel Comics), it's understandable why Kyle would want a different direction for Laura. Being a clone already boxes Laura into the image of Logan – having her take on the name and the costume stamps it into her character even further. Though there's nothing really wrong with that, Laura might want to take on a look and name that defines her outside of her father, something that makes her, herself. Let's see what route the X-Men cinematic universe takes here.

Logan is currently screening in cinemas.

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