The CBLDF Gives Away 'Comics Are For Everybody' Merch

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After Black Friday comes Giving Tuesday and the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund is celebrating this by giving special 'Comics are for Everybody" merchandise to donators today, CBRreports. The CBLDF is a non-profit organization founded in 1986 that protects the rights of comic book creators against censorship. "Giving Tuesday" is a day meant to encourage consumers to donate to worthwhile causes.

Today, those who donate will recieve merchandise with the "Comics Are For Everybody" logo, including a patch and tote bag. They are meant to promote inclusivity in the comic book industry. These products were created by Jordie Bellaire and Steven Finch.

Bellaire and Finch started the "Comics Are For Everybody" intiative aimed toward inclusivity back in 2014. Bellaire is a colorist and Finch is a letterer. They have worked together on comics like Nowhere Men and Injection.


"Comics Are For Everybody. They always have been, and they always should be," said CBLDF Executive Director Charles Brownstein on the team-up. "Anyone with the ability to draw, something to say and access to the Internet or a copy machine can reach an audience by making comics. That freedom is built into comics' DNA, and it doesn't belong to any one group, it belongs to all of us. CBLDF's efforts to fight back when governments or groups attempt to hinder that freedom are essential to protecting a culture of free expression that ensures comics are for everybody, and always will be."

You can find more about the process of donating and recieving the merchandise here.

It's certainly a worthy cause, so I encourage those who feel the same to donate if they can! Especially if you're needing a tote bag.