The Akira Live-Action Film Hires Robocop Production Designer

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Akira is one of the greatest anime films ever made, so when Warner Bros. announced that a live-action film was being made fans were up in arms. Though very little details have been shared, Hollywood's track record of live-action anime films has been bad to awful, so fans are worried that fate is set for Akira. While the film doesn't have a director or cast yet, it looks like it will have a fairly talented production designer.

Omega Underground has confirmed that Martin whist will be the live-action film's production designer. His credits include Shane Black's upcoming remake of The Predator, as well as the recent Robocop remake, Super 8, and Cloverfield. While his films are a bit hit-and-miss, there is no doubt that they have visual appeal.

Taika Waititi has expressed interest in making a live-action Akira film, even stating that he would avoid the mistakes of previous anime movies by hiring Asian actors. Fans have enjoyed various films of his and his desire to give Asian actors more exposure has made him a favorite to direct it. That being said, he hasn't been officially hired and very little progress has been made with the film's pre-production phase.

Will the Akira remake ever see the light of day? Should it? Only time will tell.

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