The 20 Wildest and Weirdest Pokemon GO Stories

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Pokemon GO is taking the world by storm. This little app has people going outside to search for Pokemon in real life and despite some bugs, it seems like everyone’s having a lot of fun with the game. However, the search for Pokemon can have some unexpected side effects and some truly wacky things have been happening. There's actually so many of them happening, that as soon as I'd write one entry in this list, I'd hear about something weirder- I couldn't fit them all in! So feel free to share your own bizarre stories to add to this list.

And without further ado,  let’s take a look at the most bizarre incidents and count down the 20 wildest Pokemon Go Stories!  

  1. 2000 People Show Up For a Pokemon GO walk

    When a Pokemon Go Walk was held in Sydney, Australia, pretty much everyone was surprised when 2000 people showed up. There’s no greater proof of the app’s popularity than the huge size of this event. An event in Perth, Australia also attracted 1000 players.

  2. A Guy Might Have Lost His Job Playing Pokemon Go

    A redditor called scarstruck4 reported that he might lose his job and even get blacklisted thanks to his use of Pokemon GO. He used the game inside the premises of the bank he worked at, but it’s not allowed for employees to use cameras at works as they might take pictures of sensitive data. The man’s phone was confiscated and sent overseas to be checked out for funny business- but hopefully, all the people will find is a Zubat. 

  3. Dogspotters are Miffed at Pokemon GO

    Every dog has it’s day, but dogspotters want that day to be Pokemon free. The Facebook group Dogspotting is dedicated to taking pictures of dogs that users encounter in everyday life. Once Pokemon GO came out, people naturally started posting lots of pictures of dogs with Pokemon. Apparently the administrators found this to be too much, because they eventually banned all Pokemon Go pictures. Even of dog Pokemon.

  4. Pokemon GO Players Trespass in Children's Hospital

    Some Pokemon go players seem to be lacking in common sense, as there have been reports of players trying to access off-limits areas of Nationwide Children’s Hospital to get Pokemon. The Columbus area hospital sent out an official email to its staff warning them about stopping “Pokemon Gamers” from trespassing. Think of the children, Pokemon GOers. 

  5. A Police Station Sends out a Notice to Pokemon GO players

    The Darwin Police, located in the Northern Territory of Australia, has to send out an official notice to players through Facebook warning them not the come in the police station searching for the rare Sandshrew Pokemon that resides there:

    'For those budding Pokémon Trainers out there using Pokémon Go - whilst Darwin Police Station may feature as a Pokéstop, please be advised that you don't actually have to step inside in order to gain Pokéballs. 

    They also told users to look up from their phones and look both ways before crossing the street, saying 'That Sandshrew isn't going anywhere fast' they added. 

    “Stay safe and catch them all” was the cute signoff to the post.

  6. Pokemon Go Players Get in Lots of Accidents

    People using Pokemon Go irresponsibly has already caused a lot of accidents to the point where it’s being speculated whether someone will die soon, if they haven’t already. One guy drove into a tree while playing the game and another user reported that while they were playing Pokemon GO in their parked car, a van crashed into them and it turned out the driver was also playing. “This game will kill us all” user wrenthereaper finished somberly.

  7. CBS Uses Terrifyingly Bad CGI Pokemon in a segment

    Just. Just look at them. And look at the video below, if you dare:


  8. Pokemon GO Sends Atheists to Church

    Churches turned out to be a popular location for Pokestops, which made things awkward for any player who was not a fan of Christianity. It’s led to a lot of amusing tweets questioning if the game is a conspiracy to get young people in church or calling it Pokemon Go (to Church).  “BRB MOM GOTTA PLAY, I mMEAN PRAY” user princegary tweets. Of course, players don’t have to actually step inside the church, but still.

  9. Pokemon GO prompts an official poster from the Highway Safety Office

    People have done all sorts of things while driving, from texting to watching TV, so it’s not all that surprising that there have been reports of folks catching Pokemon while driving too. Not all that surprising, but alarming nonetheless. Several people have posted pictures or videos of themselves catching Pokemon while driving. This actually prompted the Tennessee Highway and Safety Office to release an ad that targets at Pokemon GO players, which you can see above.

  10. Pokemon GO Erotica has arrived

    It was obviously inevitable, but it’s still hilarious. Erotica author “Chuck Tingle” has release a piece of Pokemon GO based erotica for only three dollars. It’s called Pokebutt GO: Pounded By ‘Em All. Go to Amazon to find this work of art. 

  11. Pokemon GO crowd gets egged and waterbombed

    Peg Paterson Park in Sydney, Australia became a popular place to meet up and catch Pokemon late at night. Very popular, as in crowds of close to a thousand would gather and party. This caused the residents of the nearby apartments to get annoyed by the endless noise and they began thowing eggs at the crowd and waterbombing them. The police showed up and made the crowd disperse, issuing tickets for illegally parked cars.

  12. Pokemon GO Players Get Arrested (or Almost Arrested)

    I’ve heard tales of people being arrested for trespassing while playing Pokemon Go, but couldn’t quire verify that. However, there have been reports of arrested and near misses. One redditor called KraaYoN went out to the Pokestop at the local City Hall with a friend and the police actually pulled them over and made them put their hands up. However, the situation was resolved and everyone had a laugh. On the same thread user Lootfiwnd claims he was arrested when people called in about a “suspicious white male”.

    Another story has the police getting involved when three men were at the park late at night having a Pokemon GO meet up. The police officer thought they must be dealing drugs, but once the situation was explained, he actually downloaded the game and asked the men for advice on how to play.

  13. Guy Catches Pokemon While Pulled Over By the Cops

    Twitter user Seth Codaro posted a picture of himself catching a Rattatta while being pulled over by the cops.

    Image: Seth Cordaro

    “When you get pulled over but you gotta catch ‘em all”, he noted. I personally wouldn’t brag about something like that, but what do I know.

  14. Holocaust Museum has to crack down on Pokemon GO players

    Seriously, some things should just be basic human decency. It should be obvious that a museum dedicated to honoring victims of a genocide isn’t a great place to run around and get your game on. Things got especially cringe-worthy when a player posted a (probably photoshopped) picture of the poison gas Pokemon “Koffing” in the museum.  Not everyone is going to take a joke where the punchline is “see, these people died from poison gas and now it’s in their memorial” well.

    The director of communications for the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum is attempting to get the Museum removed from the game as a site.

  15. The Bizarre Battle of Westboro Baptist Church and a pro-LGBT Clefairy

    The Westboro Baptist Church is an infamous anti-LGBT group who do things like picket the funerals of LGBT people or protest at Comic Con. A Pokemon gym also happens to be located at the church. That gym has been taken over by a Clefairy called “Loveislove”, a gay rights motto and clearly a shot at Westboro Baptist’s intolerance.

    Westboro Baptist has since fired back, using Jigglypuff as their mascot to shame the “s*d*mite Clefairy”. Well, I saw Jigglypuff at a gay pride rally and as a fairy type, I do not think it would appreciate this use of its image. In all seriousness, the twitter is full of vitriol but has people rolling their eyes more than anything. And as far as we know, the Clefairy still has full control of the gym. 

  16. A Man Catches a Pokemon While His Wife Gives Birth

    Even the miracle of childbirth will not deter a Pokemon Go player on their quest to catch them all.

    Image: Jonathan Theriot

    Jonathan Theriot posted a picture on Reddit of a Pidgey popping up on his wife’s hospital bed while she was in labor, captioning it “When your wife is about to have a baby and a Pokemon shows up and you have to low-key catch it”. For most people, your partner taking time to play a video game while you’re in labor might be a sign of an impending breakup, but Theriot reports his wife’s only reaction to his extreme dedication was to laugh and roll her eyes.


  17. The Epic Pokemon GO White House War

    The White House is a Pokemon gym. This was discovered when an image of a blastoise defending the White House gym went viral. Many speculated that this might be Obama’s Pokemon, but he has yet to comment. A Pidgeot named MERICA challenged the Blastoise and changed its name to THANKS OBAMA when it finally won. However, the White House can’t be claimed for long and ownership switches constantly. But the owner of the Pidgeot, Jesus Rodriguez, has taken the Senate.


  18. Armed Criminals Use Pokemon GO to Rob Players

    Pokemon GO is not all love and justice- devious crinimals have learned to use it to their advantage. Robbers have been placing “lures” and waiting at isolated local Pokestops so they can rob the players who show up there. Eight or nine players in O’ Fallon, Missouri were robbed by four men who used a handgun to threaten them. The band of robbers was finally apprehended by the police on Sunday. Be careful out there!

  19. Teen Finds Dead Body While Playing Pokemon GO

    Whoever knew Pokemon could lead to such grisly stuff? 19-year-old Shayla Wiggins was trying to get some Pokemon from the river in her hometown of Riverton, Wyoming when she found something far more alarming that cute CGI critters. She found a body floating in the water and had to call the police. There’s not many details about the unfortunate deceased, though the police say they don’t suspect foul play. Let’s hope no ghost Pokemon pop up in that river. Brrr.


  20. A Man is Stabbed Pokemon GO...And Keeps Playing

    An Oregon Man named Micheal Baker didn't let even a stab wound stop him from catching 'em all. Reportedly, he asked a guy who seemed to be playing the game on his phone is he was playing Pokemon GO and the guy responded by stabbing him in the shoulder. Rather than get medical treatment, Baker chose to keep playing. "I basically risked my life. It's important to me," he told ABC13. Priorities, man. Get some. 

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