Tessa Thompson's Adorkable Reaction to Marvel's New Valkyrie

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When Marvel announced a new Valkyrie for the upcoming Exiles series, fans were happy to see that they were basically importing Tessa Thompson's version of the character from Ragnarok to the comics. Unsurprisingly, Thompson herself was happy with the warrior's inclusion in the new comic series debuting in April, which led to a few congratulatory tweets from the actress.

At first, Thompson was calm and cool about it. She thanked Marvel for including the character and loved how writer Saladin Ahmed described the character. Soon enough, she went into full geek mode and shared a dancing GIF of herself, which is pretty adorkable to watch. Clearly, she recorded the dance during the filming of Thor: Ragnarok but it's a cool response nonetheless.

Thompson was very vocal about wanting to portray a bisexual version of the character in the film and was sad that her character's sexual preference wasn't mentioned in Ragnarok. Despite this, Thompson said she had a good time filming Ragnarok since she helped conceptualize the character with director Taika Waititi and would reprise the role of an all-female Marvel movie. At the least, she will finally get to see a lesbian version of the character she wanted to portray, even if it's just in the comics.

Exiles #1 comes out in April.

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