Terry Crews Wants to Join Dave Bautista in a Gears of War Movie

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Last week, Guardians of the Galaxy's Dave Bautista said he had "tried everything" to get a Gears of War movie made, but so far no one has been able to give him the green light. With him making the statement public though, he's found support with fellow muscle man Terry Crews.

Bautista retweeted Crews' post about wanting to join him in a Gears of War movie:

With Bautista wanting the lead role of Marcus Fenix, everyone is thinking that Crews would be perfect for the role of Augustus "Cole Train" Cole. With Cole being one of the more comic relief characters in the franchise, I think Crews would actually be the perfect fit for the role—that is if they make the film.

For now, we don't know why the Gears of War movie can't get the green light, but I imagine it's for a number of reasons. For one, video game movies never had a stellar track record on Hollywood and based on the popularity of the Xbox One compared to PS4, Gears isn't really in the spotlight now. Add to that, if a movie ever will happen, it will need a lot when it comes to production value alone, and even then success isn't guaranteed.


If they were to make a movie, I'd imagine they would time it with the release of Xbox's next-gen console. It would be the perfect time to debut another Gears game, which would help push the movie. It's just an idea though.

A Gears of War movie has not been officially announced.

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