Terrifying Trailer For Found-Footage Horror 'The Rendlesham UFO Incident'

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If you're a fan of found-footage horror films like The Blair Witch Project or Paranormal Activity, you'd probably enjoy The Rendlesham UFO Incident. A new trailer was just released, and it gives us some thrilling footage that would make you wonder if any of the incidents actually occured. The film was inspired by a UFO hotspot in England called the Rendlesham Forest. 

Rendlesham Forest director Daniel Simpson was described by the Telegraph as a "Rendlesham Forest incident expert". 



33 years after the infamous Rendlesham Forest UFO incident, three metal detector enthusiasts hunting for Saxon gold in the same region, capture incredible footage of UFO's whilst filming their expedition. As night falls and with their navigation equipment failing, they find themselves facing a terrifying encounter with an unforgiving alien presence.

I wonder if there are people who actually experienced what we see in the trailer. The Telegraph also wrote some information about the mysterious incident: 

In the early hours of December 26, 1980, US military personnel (sections of the US Air Force were temporarily stationed at RAF bases in Woodbridge and Bentwaters) spotted strange lights above Rendlesham Forest.
One of these men, John Burroughs, accompanied by his supervisor and one other individual, went to investigate the blue, red, orange and white lights. In his subsequent witness statement, published in 1981, Burroughs explains: "As we went down the east-gate road and the road that leads into the forest, the lights were moving back and they appeared to stop in a bunch of trees ... Also, the woods lit up and you could hear the farm animals making a lot of noises, and there was a lot of movement in the woods. All three of us hit the ground and whatever it was started moving back towards the open field … We got up to a fence that separated the trees from the open field. You could see the lights down by a farmer's house. We climbed over the fence and started walking toward the red and blue lights and they just disappeared."

Watch the trailer here: