Tennessee Man Ordered To Remove Zombie Statue From His Lawn

The Lawn of the Dead is disturbing residents of a Southern Nashville neighborhood, and they want it gone for good.

A south Nashville Homeowner's Aasocation ordered owner Jim Grinstead to remove the undead decoration from his lawn — or they will.

"At first I was pissed, but then I thought about it for a second and I said, ‘this is utterly ridiculous,'" Grinstead told the Daily News.

Grinstead had lived at that home for almost 10 years, with the zombie digging out of his lawn for the last five years, but it wasn't until Grinstead recently had landscaping done that it was seen in plain sight.

"During a recent inspection of the community on April 19, 2016, it was noted that there is a zombie in your yard that needs to be removed," a letter from the HOA reportedly stated.

"I think the homeowner's association needs to lighten up a little bit," homeowner Jim Grinstead told WKRN-TV Nashville. "We have a sense of humor and that is how we want the world to think of us. It's how we think of ourselves. People will stop sometimes and take pictures of Clawed. Our friends get a kick out of it when they come over and we've never had a complaint about him."

When the homeowner's association saw it, they threatened to remove it and charge Grinstead for the work if he didn't comply.

According to the group, the yard ornamens are not allowed on the property, but neighbors who have friendlier decorations like rabbits and angels have not been asked to take off their statues.

The owner said that he'll remove the zombie by the end of this week, but hinted that it could come return to life again somewhere else.

"If I told you where it's gonna go, I might face problems again," he said.

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