Teen Shot Dead While Searching For Pokemon Go Creatures

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A teenager has been killed in what could be the first death of a Pokemon Go player.

Jerson Lopez de Leon, 18, was ambushed and died after being shot while playing Pokemon Go with cousin Daniel Moises Picen, 17.


Police said that the reason behind the attack was still unclear, but they've speculated that the attackers were able to locate the teenagers using the app itself– which has location features that make it possible to encourage players to go to specific areas, or to find players.

The teens were looking for Pokemon on a street in Chiquimula, 120 miles from Guatemala City.

At the scene of the murder, Police found almost 20 bullet casings and and now searching for the occupants of a van that was found driving away from the area.

According to local reports, the two were walking alongside a railway line when they were shot at. Later, Person died in the hospital.

Rosalinda, Jerson's mother, said that the teenager had left their home to go out and play Pokemon Go.

"I don't know why my son left the house," she said. "He was already in bed when his cousin sent him a message asking him to go out and download a game a few blocks from the house."

This could be the first death related to Pokemon Go, but the game has been blamed for a lot of things such as disrespecting the Holocaust Museum, robberies, and was even criticized by a stupid tech journalist.

Via: Indpependent.co.uk

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