Taika Waititi Reveals Tribute To His Time On Green Lantern In Thor: Ragnarok

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Prior to his work in Thor: Ragnarok, most people probably heard about Taika Waititi through his hilarious mockumentary What We Do In The Shadows. Aside from that and maybe some of his other films, it's fair to say that Waititi wasn't always a big name in Hollywood. This is why it might surprise fans to know that he was in the poorly-received Green Lantern movie and that he paid a small tribute to that in Ragnarok.

When we meet Skurge the-not-executioner for the first time, he's showing off some of the things he's collected from the Nine Realms, a number of which come from Earth. There are his two guns De and Stroy (because together they destroy), but the one item that will humorously confuse fans is when he's shaking a Shake Weight. It's a really funny sequence and the story behind the Shake Weight is where the Green Lantern connection comes in.


During an interview with Fandango, Waititi revealed that he bought the Shake Weight during his time on the film. "That's mine, and that was something I bought while I was in Green Lantern," he stated. Waititi only played a minor role in the film as Hal Jordan's friend Tom Kalmaku, who did have a few funny lines but couldn't save the movie.

"So I was in New Orleans and I was in Green Lantern, but I was barely doing anything. I'd be in my hotel room and it'd be like 1 AM, and the infomercial for the Shake Weight came on. I was like, "Screw it! I guess I'm buying everything I see on TV tonight – I'm gonna buy knives and some sewing thing. I bought exercise DVDs, too, but the one thing I bought that I kept was that Shake Weight… and then I had it shipped to Australia and I put it in the movie!"

Thor: Ragnarok can now be seen in theaters worldwide.

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