Taika Waititi Explains Thor’s Funny Streak In Thor: Ragnarok

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Director Taika Waititi has certainly managed to freshen up the Thor trilogy with his colorful and quick-witted Thor: Ragnarok and while the New Zealand filmmaker's take on the Asgardian god of thunder might seem a bit more easy-going compared to the Thor seen in Thor and Thor: The Dark World, everyone is certainly loving this playful Thor.

Speaking with Variety at the San Diego Comic Con last weekend, Waititi decided to explain this fun streak in Chris Hemsworth's character, saying that he's actually trying to get Thor to exude more of the Australian actor's personality in Thor: Ragnarok.


"We're actually making Thor closer to Chris and his personality and who he is … he's funny – a lot funnier and a lot more colloquial because he's spent time on Earth … Personally, I think he's the best version of Thor, just quietly. Not to take away from the any of the other films, but in order for me to feel comfortable making this film, I wanted to move away from the other films and make something that was kind of a standalone Thor film. That your really didn't need to see the first two to understand the (third) film."

Marvel has always been big on levity, and Waititi's work on Thor: Ragnarok certainly seems to be working. Fans are loving the offbeat humor of the film's trailers, and everyone's excited to see this new streak of humor in Hemsworth's Thor.

Thor: Ragnarok makes its big debut on November 3, 2017.

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