30 Aug 2016 4:06 PM +00:00 UTC

System Shock 3 Creative Team Announced, Development Begins

Otherside Entertainment announced today that development on System Shock 3 has started and also revealed the creative team behind the game. The System Shock video games are a series of first-person RPGs where the player must escape out of sci-fi-tastic horror survial scenarios, such as the space station controlled by a malicious machine from the first game or the virus-infected ship from the second game. Otherside Entertainment is now working on the third game in their new studio in Austin, Texas.

They've now announced an impressive creative team. The Creative Director and Studio Manager will be Warren Spector, known for his work on Deus Ex and Underworld. Another Deus Ex creator, Sheldon Pacotti, will work as design director.

Aterio Pulicio of Lord of the Rings Online and Dungeons and Dragons Online fame will be Art Director. Jason Hughes, who worked on Star Wars and Wing Commander games, will be Tech Director.


The studio is also consulting with members of the original System Shock team, including "creative director Paul Neurath (System Shock, System Shock 2), lead designer Tim Stellmach (System Shock, Thief: The Dark Project) and art director Nate Wells (System Shock 2, BioShock)".

They also plan to use the talents of Terri Brosius, the voice of the first System Shock game's evil AI. System Shock concept artist Robb Waters is also on the team. The game director of the original System Shock, Doug Church, will be an outside creative consultant.

The team put together certainly looks experienced and Otherside Studios certainly seems to want to capture the magic of the original games. What do you think of the team? Are you looking forward to a new System Shock game?

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