Supreme Leader Snoke Actor Andy Serkis Hasn’t Read Star Wars: Episode VIII’s Script Yet

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While a handful of rumors and photo leaks of Star Wars: Episode VIII and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story have been revealed the films started production, it's safe to say that their exact details are still pretty much a mystery.

Rogue One has been most secretive. The film has yet to release a trailer despite its late 2016 release. As for Episode VIII, we initially thought Rian Johnson had been lax about the film's secrecy considering the amount of photos and videos leaked during Dubrovnik filming. As it turns out, the film has gone to great lengths to keep things under that lid that actor Andy Serkis, the man behind Supreme Leader Snoke, still hasn't seen the script for Episode VIII.

BBC spoke with Serkis and his wife, Lorraine Ashbourne, at the Empire Awards this past weekend. While Ashbourne revealed that her husband doesn't reveal to her anything about Star Wars, that might be because Serkis hasn't received a copy of the script yet. The 51-year-old actor said:

I don't know anything.... I'm due to be filmingand I haven't even seen the script yet.

The same method has been applied to keep details of The Force Awakens far from the public, so hearing this from Serkis isn't really surprising. In fact, they could even be keeping tighter security because of the "legitimate leaks" among numerous disguises.

Supreme Leader Snoke's background is one of the most rumored and most intriguing in the new Star Wars trilogy, so him not having Episode VIII's script is the best measure the studios have taken in securing any of the character's details from leaking.

Despite these measures, it would be quite hard for Disney and Lucasfilm to keep things secret. Fans still have nearly two years to keep guessing and asking, and it's highly likely for something to leak out at some point before December 15, 2017.