Superman Publisher Offers Insights on New Rebirth Costume

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Who would have thought that removing underpants can make such a difference?

When DC unveiled its newest look for Superman following Rebirth, there has been much discussion overall. To bring back the red or not, that had been a good part of the discussion.

DC's Dan DiDio has given his own thoughts on the change in Superman (via Cosmic Book News). On his official Facebook, DiDio

"Superman's costume, like all our characters' costumes, is in a subtle but constant state of evolution based on changing fashion and artist influence. The shorts (and the capes) were based on styles of the time and the limitations of the medium. Needless to say things have changed over the last 70 plus years.
The purpose of Rebirth was to return the character traits and legacy that made the character great. Remind us of why we loved reading about them in the first place. So while the costumes may have changed slightly with the times, the people in them are true to who they are."

He also added that the change in costume is necessary, business-wise, if only to attract new readers. This does ring true because, after all, if you did not grow up seeing the Man of Steel as only wearing a costume with visible red underpants, what will make you want to see a hero flying around with that costume amid other, cool-costumed ones?

Personally, the new Superman costume works very well for me. We've seen the same change in Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy, wherein Batman's suit became more for utility than spandex. Even Zack Snyder's Man of Steel has already ditched the red underpants in lieu for a sleeker one piece look.

The new Superman costumes will be seen in the Superman #20and Action Comics #977 come April.

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