Sulu's Husband Will Play a Big Role in Star Trek Beyond

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The character of Hikaru Sulu in the upcoming Star Trek Beyond was recently revealed to have a husband and daughter. Now John Cho, Simon Pegg and Zoe Saldana have revealed that Sulu's husband will have a large role in the upcoming movie, Comic Book Resources reports. The three also suggested the controversy around the reveal that Sulu is gay in the reboot series.

John Cho, the actor who plays Sulu, began by discussing the progressiveness of the Star Trek universe. He said that when asked to choose whether he'd be in the timeline of Star Trek: The Original Series or the reboot timeline, he eventually decided he'd rather be in the reboot, because in the modern era, they didn't have the limitations that Gene Roddenberry faced when he worked to represent a progressive future in the original series. "Roddenberry did set up a world that was incredibly progressive, but it was tempered by the social mores of the era. I feel like we can go further in 2016 than he was able to do at the time. To your point, I feel like that our version is able to give more to the women and the people of color in the cast than Roddenberry was originally able to, I think."


Simon Pegg, who is the co-writer of Star Trek Beyond and also plays Scotty, chimed in to add that Roddenberry definitely wanted to make the original series have more for women and people of color to do and also wanted to include gay people, but couldn't due to the limitations higher-ups put on him. John Cho agreed with him.

Cho said it was Simon Pegg who first pitched the idea of Sulu being gay and that it was Director Justin Lin who told Cho about it. "I thought it was a beautiful idea. I had concerns about how it would be received by George [Takei], and I had some other concerns. But it was really the handling of it that was the most important to me." Takei, who played Sulu in the original series, didn't exactly feel favorable about Sulu being gay, as he wished the creators had made an original character gay instead.

Cho went on to say he felt that treating the issue nonchalantly was the best way to go about it. "It's kind of news now, but if you re-watch the movie in ten years, you won't think anything of it. It'll just go right by you. That's the best thing about it. There's no music cue. There's no close up."

Zoe Saldana, who plays Uhura, chimed in here, saying "The one thing that I guess has taken a secondary position is that, it wasn't just that we revealed that he's gay: it revealed that he's a father. None of our characters have families that we've ever talked about. So I actually feel quite puzzled that in 2016 we're having like a bit of a fit over who he fathered a baby with. I'm happy he's a dad."

Pegg finally revealed more about the role of Sulu's husband in the film, saying that the point of having Sulu's family in Yorktown was to get the audience more invested in the threat to the place. "We knew that Sulu's family was there. So it wasn't just a bunch of faceless Federation people. It was somebody that we cared about, too, because we care about Sulu. That was really important. The nature of that relationship wasn't an issue".

Star Trek Beyond premieres July 22.

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