Suicide Squad Hits $700M Worldwide, David Ayer Humbled by Fan Support

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Suicide Squad seems far from over when it comes to delivering surprises to fans. And even though it has been over a month since it was first released in theaters, the viewers and ticket sales just keep coming.

Its latest weekend sales have been tallied to reveal more than $5.6 million for domestic sales, and an additional $10.1 million for 64 other areas worldwide, Superhero Hype reported. Combining this with its lifetime ticket sales, and that adds up to over $700 million worldwide total of ticket sales.


Already, Suicide Squad has been successful in turns of getting back its profit from its $175 million primary budget. Of course, whether that success also translates to how the critics have seen the film—and it doesn't, given how low the ratings remain in Rotten Tomatoes. Currently, it sits at 26%, while Metacritic doesn't offer a much better score at 40%.

Still, that doesn't stop fans from loving the movie. Even though there are already new movies premiering in theaters, the bad guys of the Squad are staying strong. Even with new movies launched recently, including Ben-Hur, War Dogs, and Kubo and the Two Strings, the bad Squad stayed on top.

Suicide Squad director David Ayer also expressed his gratitude to the fans who have supported the film. Over his Twitter, he posted the image above as a thank you.

Whether or not this winning streak continues remains to be seen. But it's already a success for Suicide Squad. If nothing else, it has already beaten Batman v Superman in terms of holding the fort for half a month and running.

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