Suicide Squad 2 Might Be Seeing Another Pushed-Back Production Start Date

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It looks like Warner Bros. might push back filming for Suicide Squad 2 to sometime in 2019.

Though there were previous reports saying that production for the sequel to Daid Ayer's DC Extended Universe movie would begin in March this year, Variety's Justin Kroll tells fans on Twitter that Suicide 2 will actually begin filming in 2019. Various circumstances pushed the film's production date to October 2018, and now Suicide Squad 2's filming has been pushed even further to 2019.

Though Kroll doesn't specify why Suicide Squad 2's production has been delayed, it seems like Warner Bros. is focusing on Birds of Prey, hoping that they'd be able to bring out Batgirl in the DCEU the same way Marvel did with Black Panther in Civil War, introducing the character before giving them their own standalone movie. The studio was also pleased by how Christina Hodson wrote the script for Birds of Prey, hiring the screen writer to write the script for Batgirl.

With so much attention on its female-led movies, it seems like the studio's decided to put Suicide Squad 2 in the backseat – and with good reason too. The original Suicide Squad was a critical flop with many disappointed by the outcome of the film and the studio would definitely want to take more time to sort out any of the kinks that could be in the script for Suicide Squad 2.

The next DCEU film, Aquaman, premieres December 21, 2018.

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