Street Fighter V’s Urien Gets His Own Trailer

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September is bringing a new DLC character to the roster of Street Fighter V.

Capcom has just released the Japanese trailer for Urien, the expected new fighter that will debut in the September update.

Seen below, Urien shows off some of his moves against F.A.N.G. in the beach setting. He has a flurry of attacks that barely gives the opponent any chance to react, let alone counter-attack.


As a playable character, Urien will be joining the likes of Alex, Guile, Balrog, Ibuki, and Juri, all of whom are already part of the game. Urien will be the final fighter for the year so far.

Gematsu has the details on Urien, specifically his attacks. His V-Skill, Metallic Aura, where he envelops his body with the aura to charge it. After charging, his skin tone will transform before he delivers a forward-propelling special move.

There's also the V-Trigger, dubbed Aegis Reflector. Here, Urien creates an energy barrier that reflects projectiles back at the opponent. If this attack is received directly, they will take the damage and get knocked back.

There's no release date yet for when Urien will join the Street Fighter V roster. However, Capcom will be sharing more updates, including the release date come the Tokyo Game Show.

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