Street Fighter V Update Will Introduce Urien, New Bundles & More Stages

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This week, Street Fighter V fans may want to prepare their A-game as a new fighter arrives in a new update.

Capcom announced that the latest update will be out on Sept. 22, and it will feature a lot of new content for players. Season pass holders will even have some bonuses that they can enjoy.

To start off, Urien will be joining the roster via a purchasable character using Fight Money. Players who want to get him right away without the grind can also opt to get him immediately via the Steam and PlayStation stores. Season pass holders will immediately get access to The VP of the Illuminati fighter.


The developer has also added New Daily Targets, to allow players more chances to earn Fight Money for additional content.

"Fight in a ranked match to earn 1000 Fight Money. Spend a little time playing in training mode to earn an additional 500 Fight Money. Each Daily Target has a time limit so don't forget to log in and cash in on these. Rewards will range between 100 and 5000 Fight Money."

Players who are looking to train and challenge themselves even harder can enjoy the Versus CPU mode. This new option is meant to deliver different difficulty levels, to serve as better training ground before embarking on PvP challenges.

To aid in player improvement, Fighter Profiles have been updated to have stat tracking. This way, Street Fighter V players can review their plays to further hone techniques.

There are also some new color bundles available using Fight Money or real-world money. Finally, there will be new environmental stage KOs added. A total of nine additional stages coming with the update:

> Shadaloo Base
> Hillside Plaza
> Underground Arena
> Forgotten Waterfall
> Union Station
> Kanzuki Estate
> City in Chaos
> Apprentice Alley
> Lair of the Four Kings

There will also be a lot of bug fixes coming with the update. Some are character-specific enhancements, while others involve improvements to online play.

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