Street Fighter: Resurrection Web Series Gets An Action-Packed Trailer

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Street Fighter: Resurrection is an upcoming mini webseries, and Machinima just released a full trailer for it. If you liked their Street Fighter: Assassin's First, you'd probably get a kick out of this. The series has four episodes, and it's set a decade after the events in Assassin's Fist

The same team who created Assassin's First are involved in this one, which includes producers Mark Wooding and Jacqueline Quella. Original actors Mike Moh (Empire) and Christian Howard (The World's End) will reprise their roles as Ryu and Ken. Ansah is writing and directing the series. Watch the trailer here: 



The series brings back the iconic 
Street Fighter
 character long-presumed dead, Charlie Nash 
(Alain Moussi
, Suicide Squad, X-Men: Days of Future Past, Pacific Rim
).  Additionally, the series features cameos from top Machinima influencers including 
Amy Johnston 
from Bat In The Sun Productions’ (1.5M YouTube subscribers, 435K Facebook fans) and 
who is best known for his auto-tuning gaming videos and vlog series
(1.35M YouTube subscribers, 467K Twitter followers, 363K Instagram followers).
, heroes Ken and Ryu are reunited to face an ominous new threat. Charlie Nash is back, and targeting legendary 
Street Fighter
 champions in a mysterious mission. After a violent confrontation with Nash, Ryu and Ken must uncover his lethal plan and find out if he is friend or foe.  As events speed toward a showdown in London with the resurgent Shadaloo cartel, covert forces battle for global supremacy with the fate of the world hanging in the balance. 

Street Fighter: Resurrection will premiere on March 15, 2016.