Stranger Things Season 2 Production Comes Down To Last Two Episodes

The Duffer brother's ode-to-the-80's series Stranger Things was an immediate hit when it rolled out on Netflix, receiving critical acclaim and reaping awards and nominations for its first season on the site. Ending its first batch of episodes with Noah Schnapp'sWill Byers coughing out a slug from the Upside-Down, fans hold their breath for the series to move on to its next season.

The series has been busy working on Stranger things season 2 production and now it seems like the team's moved on to filming the last two episodes of the season. Cinematographer Time Ives has just shared a photo from the season 2 set of the series, saying that they've begun working on the final episodes.

Check it out down here:

it's clear from the caption that filming is soon coming to a wrap. Though the photo doesn't say much about the series' plot, the familiar woods of Stranger Things implies that the series will somehow return to its pivotal setting during the last few episodes of the season. Remember when David Harbour's Chief Hopper leaves a box of Eggos out in the woods? Could this scene be linked to Millie Bobby Brown's Eleven? We're bound to know when Stranger Things returns next year.

Stranger Things season 2 hits Netflix on Halloween 2017.

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