Stranger Things’ David Harbour Plays Out a Great Eleven

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Everyone agrees that Millie Bobby Brown was made for the Eleven role in Stranger Things.

And we can all agree that David Harbour did a bang-up job of being Chief Jim Hopper, the trusted sheriff who is tortured by his past with his daughter. But in a new clip via Funny or Die, we see a different kind of audition, which could have landed Harbour an entirely different, albeit sweet role in Stranger Things.

“You know when the Duffer brothers sent me the script, I was really excited because I’m a hardcore, 80s sci-fi type of guy. It’s so rarely do you connect so deeply with a role, this silent strength, coupled with this vulnerability and seeing this person change over the course of eight episodes. Cleary, I had a very strong vision for this character.”

Think he’s describing his role as Hopper? Think again. We next see him auditioning for the role of—wait for it—Eleven. He crushes a can and makes a fan stop—with his mind!

“Sure, the Duffer brothers never specifically asked me to audition for Eleven. But I think I added a dimension to the character. I was putting pure gold on that tape. I’m not bitter. I mean, Millie did an okay job as Eleven.”

As if the nose bleed is not enough to convince the director, he even visualizes some habits that Eleven may have that’s off-script—such as smoking or punching the crew to get waffles. Sure, a child who may have spent the majority of her life in captivity, smokes. Pure genius.

Not convinced? You can relive the “Pretty” scene with the blond wig and that pink dress in the video below.




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