Stranger Things: David Harbour On A Possible Joyce/Hopper Romance

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Though they aren't together in the show, there is undoubtedly some chemistry between old classmates Joyce Byers (Winona Ryder) and Jim Hopper (David Harbour). A lot of fans have been shipping "Jopper" since the first season, and Harbour himself gives his two cents on the possibility of the two coming together.

Talking to Variety, Harbour explains:


"These are two lost, broken people who need each other but are so prideful and messed up that they'll never admit it. It's great to allow that to play out over several seasons."

Though a romance between the two is a possible option, Harbour admits that both their characters might have some hurdles to jump over should they choose to be together. He says:

"I don't know that ultimately they're quite right for each other. Talk about problems! If Eleven is difficult, imagine him and Joyce. There would be nightmare fights! Him being prideful and emotionally shut down and unavailable. But I do think he feels something for her … It's a special connection. I think that's something that's very deep between them. We'll have to see where that goes in future seasons. But I root for some happiness for Joyce and Hopper. If they can find that together, that would be great. But we'll see."

Watching the show, you could say that Joyce and Hopper share a familiarity thanks to them going to high school together. If the show does choose to make them date each other, I can already see Joyce being a good mother for Eleven/Jane. I can't say the same for Jonathan or Will being happy to have Hopper as a step-dad.

For now, you should just catch Joyce and her romance with the ever loveable Bob (Sean Astin) in Stranger Things 2 which is out in Netflix now.

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